Music Bounce

music bounce

Because the genre of music games is pretty difficult one to enter into with an original concept, developers probably have quite a difficult time trying to think up an idea for a game that will truly stand out.

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Fireboy and Watergirl 4 – Puzzle Game Review


The fluid and flame duo Fireboy and Watergirl have had some crazy adventures in their time. They began in the forest temple, worked their way to the light temple, and then moved onto the ice temple. This pair of protagonists somehow manages to get themselves trapped in sticky situations which we have to bail them out of by controlling each of them simultaneously and using their strengths and weaknesses to overcome the pitfalls, traps, and obstacles getting in the way of your escape. This time, the pair are trapped in yet another temple of a crystal-based nature in Fireboy and Watergirl 4: The Crystal Temple. As well as the usual puzzles and gem-collecting that veteran players will  be familiar with, a new gameplay mechanic is involved this time around: portals litter the levels, adding another layer of strategy and also something just new enough to stop anyone thinking that the series is getting repetitive.

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Sushi Cat The Honeymoon: There’s No Vacation for a Squishy Kitty

sushicat honeymoon

If you loved the squishy physics of Sushi Cat, then you’ll definitely appreciate its expansion, Sushi Cat The Honeymoon. With all new sushi gobbling stages and handy boosts to boot, you will be raring to fill up the stripy blue cat’s belly.

Sushi Cat the Honeymoon’s story takes place right after the original. Remember that fuzzy pink cat Sushi Cat fell in love with? Well she’s back, and they are on a cruise ship for their honeymoon. Unfortunately, a kitchen accident puts them in dire straits. What could possibly keep the boat from sinking? A jumbo sized Sushi Cat of course.

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Perfect Balance 3 Review

perfect balance 3

Physics games come in all shapes and sizes, from simple vehicle-based stunt games that obey simulated laws of gravity to puzzle games that require the use of some heavy thinking and a number of given objects for an end goal such as turning on a switch or waking up a sleeping box (as in Wake Up the Box 5). Perfect balance falls more towards the straight-up puzzler genre and requires you to stack all provided objects of increasingly irregular shape and size into a perfectly-balanced structure. With a solid design and enough levels to keep you sufficiently challenged for the foreseeable future, you are unlikely to find many physics games as challenging or as well-established as Perfect Balance 3.

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Soccer Balls 2 – Browser Based Sport Fun

Having been an avid fan of the original Soccer Balls flash game (which can be found elsewhere on this site), I was eager to see what TurboNuke could do with the sequel. The questions I had primarily were: could they bring in any new exciting features to the game? Could they differentiate the scoring system, as to make it more challenging? Could they retain its user-friendliness?

Another, less important question I had was could they improve the sound effects? The original had me checking background windows to see if there were adverts open, as was the strangeness of the cheering and the almost seaside-sounding effects that accompanied the visual!

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Crash the Robot Explosive Edition

I have a particular affinity for explosions (though no more so than any other man and only the controlled kind of bang), particularly when said explosions are a means to an end of solving a problem. On a separate note, as an inhabitant of this universe, I am also quite fond of the physical laws that govern it. I find it comforting, therefore, to find that games exist which pull together these two real-life ‘likes’ of mine into a lovely marriage of explosive, destructive, physics-based puzzle action. The officiator of this marriage in this case is ‘Crash the Robot Explosive Edition’, a physics-powered platform for repeated robot abuse that promises to get you thinking about the situation in front of you, and exactly how to solve it.

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Where’s My Water? Said the Alligator!

wheres my water?

“Where’s My Water?” is a game that’s based on physics puzzles.  It is about a character called “Swampy”, who is a charming and sociable alligator. Swampy resides in the gutters underneath the city. It is entirely down to you to assist Swampy pursue his favourite past time – Bathing. Swampy clearly adores showering all the time and you have to mend the supply of water because you don’t want your new buddy to remain dry.  So get ready to direct the hose pipe!

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Amazing Alex

This is the first game release from the Angry Birds creators in three years. It has caused a lot of excitement as you would expect, it being from the makers of one of the worlds most popular and well loved games. Will this new game bring the same success and enthusiasm as our feathered friends? We will have to wait and see, only the public will decide its fate. In the meantime this is what we think of Amazing Alex the newest physics puzzle game from Rovio.

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Fritz & Chesster’s Chess for Winners

As this chess game is the third in a superb series of how to play chess it is expected that children will have some knowledge of the game. Fritz and Chesster chess games are very informative plus easy to understand making it a very successful series that is both engaging and fun. Tactics and strategy are the elements most touched upon in this edition broadening the chess skills of fans who love to play the game.

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Super Stacker 2

Super Stacker 2 is a superb sequel to the original Super Stacker that has forty great new levels, four speed runs, a fantastic stack editor plus a whole host of new features making it worthy of a play. Once again your skills in structure creation will be tested to the limit as you stack against the clock hoping that your shapes will not fall before they have stood for at least ten seconds. If the shapes fall it is down into the pit, so players really want to avoid this outcome. Its a great game suited to all the family, so come on lets get stacking!

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