Amazing Alex

This is the first game release from the Angry Birds creators in three years. It has caused a lot of excitement as you would expect, it being from the makers of one of the worlds most popular and well loved games. Will this new game bring the same success and enthusiasm as our feathered friends? We will have to wait and see, only the public will decide its fate. In the meantime this is what we think of Amazing Alex the newest physics puzzle game from Rovio.

Amazing Alex bares a striking resemblance to a game that was released many years ago called The Incredible Machine. This release was a single screen puzzle game that faired okay but was not anywhere near on the lines of Angry Birds in terms of popularity. Amazing Alex of course is a new game with no connection to the aforementioned. Rovio have been busy it seems. While Amazing Alex has just been released hot on its heels will be Bad Piggies another much anticipated game to get the juices going. Read more about Bad Piggies.

In Amazing Alex, Alex builds various apparatus in the house, ( thirty five in all) to help with the cleaning jobs while also amusing himself. All the items Alex builds have no real connection to one another they are completely random pieces of equipment making for a real quirky game.

As with Angry Birds items are fired at random pieces of equipment in a similar way as the Angry Birds are fired at the pigs. It is much more difficult to play in that respect though making the experience unique. Players will fire boxing gloves on springs at balls that need to be propelled along planks of wood, send remote controlled cars to hit electric sockets, put balls into waste bins, knock over stacks of books or pop balloons, like I said its very quirky. The game though has an uncomplicated mechanic about it that fans will like.

Difficulty increases the further you progress which is the usual thing in games like these. There are three stars to collect on each level, while players start off relatively easily then as you get higher up the levels it becomes harder. This gives players the chance to hone their skills a little before reaching more complicated areas.

With nigh on one hundred levels in the game to complete, players will soon become obsessed with trying to complete them all, although for me Amazing Alex is nowhere near as compulsive a play as Angry Birds. Now maybe I am being rather harsh in this opinion as Angry Birds is one hard act to follow but comparison was always going to be Rovio’s problem.

One feature I like is the ability to create your own levels using the same objects as Alex. These can then be published to share with other fans or friends. Another bonus is that Rovio has said they will release updates regularly at no extra cost to players which is great. Graphically, Amazing Alex is really good. They are clear, concise, defined and colourful making for a pleasing visual experience.

I don’t think that Amazing Alex will have anywhere near the popularity of Angry Birds but were it a release that had no connection with the popular series I am sure fans would be hailing it as a great new physics puzzle release that would keep them playing for hours.

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