Fireboy and Watergirl 4 – Puzzle Game Review


The fluid and flame duo Fireboy and Watergirl have had some crazy adventures in their time. They began in the forest temple, worked their way to the light temple, and then moved onto the ice temple. This pair of protagonists somehow manages to get themselves trapped in sticky situations which we have to bail them out of by controlling each of them simultaneously and using their strengths and weaknesses to overcome the pitfalls, traps, and obstacles getting in the way of your escape. This time, the pair are trapped in yet another temple of a crystal-based nature in Fireboy and Watergirl 4: The Crystal Temple. As well as the usual puzzles and gem-collecting that veteran players will  be familiar with, a new gameplay mechanic is involved this time around: portals litter the levels, adding another layer of strategy and also something just new enough to stop anyone thinking that the series is getting repetitive.

At its core, Fireboy and Watergirl 4 is a platform puzzler game with a framework similar to other greats such as the legendary Continuity, though this one has a significantly more snazzy design, a professional look, and most importantly, an innovative gameplay mechanic that allows you control both characters simultaneously. Use the directional arrows to control Fireboy and the WASD controls to move Watergirl. The aim is simply to traverse the environments of each level, ensuring that you don’t succumb to the various traps laid out for you. Watergirl must stay away from the pools of lava, and conversely Fireboy cannot step in the pools of water; both must stay away from the black pools however, since these are harmful to both. Once each character has reached their particular exit door, the level is complete and a score is given for your performance.

Rather than being scored on how many gems are collected in each level, you are actually marked on how fast you manage to complete them. Getting to the end is relatively easy, but getting an A grade by completing it swiftly is more of a difficult task. Portals are also a new inclusion in this particular entry in the Fireboy ad Watergirl series; these allow you to emerge from different portals of corresponding colour through the levels and are a level of challenge that is unprecedented in this series of games.

Graphics wise, Fireboy and Watergirl 4 is remarkably stylish, though the detail in the graphics does result in the game suffering from lag in the later levels when there is more going on across the screen. There isn’t a shortage of levels to get stuck into, but occasionally you may find yourself becoming a little bored with the repetitive nature of the game, mainly because not much has really changed since the very first title released many years ago. In spite of some minor flaws, however, this addictive platform puzzle game is guaranteed to pass some time and test your platforming skills in the proces