Flip Words 2

I am a fan of word games. I like the thought of playing a game plus at the same time learning something new. Flip Words 2 is a great game that incorporates Boggle, Hangman plus Wheel of Fortune all into one superb experience. Its a simple point and click game following on from Flip Words that is addictive plus sees you clicking on letters to make new words or work out phrases while also adding new features to please fans.

New features that have been added to Flip Words 2 are


  1. Large word awards
  2. Automatic saves which is really useful
  3. Unpopular words are deleted automatically
  4. New theme packs to add on
  5. Numerous user profiles
  6. Addition of Strategy and Party Modes

I think you will agree that its quite a list making this a really great sequel that has a lot to offer as it is not just more of the same. The built in editor is here again as it was in the original title enabling the player to create new phrases, then upload them. Once your phrases have been looked at and approved they are then added to a database that automatically downloads to all players making for a more varied experience altogether.

Classic Mode

This mode starts with a letter grid with seven letters both horizontally and vertically. Letters appear randomly while a phrase appears that you have to solve. You can create the words across, down or diagonally but can not use a letter more than once plus the words have to be more than three letters long. Its similar to Scrabble in that the more unusual the letter you select, such as J or X the higher the score you will achieve.

The longer the word the better too as you will be awarded a big word score for words containing more than five letters. The more words you make you will be awarded extra turns, which is useful in itself as the more turns you have the better the score you will achieve. Getting stuck because you don’t have the correct letters doesn’t have too be a problem either as you can select to shuffle by missing a turn. You must keep an eye on how many turns you are taking as if you run out of turns before you have solved the puzzle you will be out.

Strategy Mode

This mode has a few differences to Classic Mode in that you have to solve phrases before you run out of tokens. You can win extra tokens by completing a phrase plus creating longer words. Strategy Mode has the bonus feature of allowing you to use your tokens to buy assistance, while you can buy vowels plus phrase hints enables you to turn a letter over.

Party Mode

Four players can have fun together when playing Party Mode which is very entertaining. Players can join in the fun at any time in the game while not only are they working as a team to solve phrases they are also in competition with one another receiving better scores for longer words contributed and so on. There is an automatic function that keeps score so no need to worry on that count.

Flip Words 2 is an excellent game that is fun for all the family. Fans of this genre will simply love it. What could be better from a parental point of view than kids playing a game they enjoy while at the same time they are learning, while not only kids can enjoy Flip Words 2 us adults have a great time playing the game too.

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