Learn Chess

The game of chess has always looked pretty complicated to me. I can remember my uncle who was very proficient in the game, taking what seemed hours to me as a child, deciding which move to make next. It is certainly a game requiring deep concentration, patience and lots of strategy. The player needs to look ahead to try to anticipate their opponents next move, while planning their own, to outwit their advisory before you yourself are out played and so defeated.

I wondered how a game such as this would go down with children, so was intrigued to take a look at the DS game that endeavours to teach kids how to play chess. This game is actually very good as it incorporates cartoon effects plus entertaining interludes into the difficult task of learning the chess rules. Every single aspect of the game of chess is covered here, meaning children certainly are required to have a good attention span plus an interest in the game is required before they embark on the task of learning chess.

The player is able to play against an opponent but only if they have their own DS and their own copy of the game, while interestingly enough the game actually has a story making it entertaining as well as informative. A Ghost King has had all his chess pieces stolen from him by a pirate who insists they will only be returned if someone plays him at chess plus beats him.

As the Ghost King is not able to leave his castle he decides that he will train you in the art of chess so that you can play against the pirate so winning back the stolen chess pieces. I think this is a great way to teach children a complicated subject by incorporating it into a story. The Ghost King is certainly a great tutor as he takes you through the rules of the game while setting you challenges and quizzes within each lesson to help you digest the information.

There is also a great feature built into the chess game where you can play a point and click task to unlock surprises within the kings haunted castle. This game is superb in the way that it brings fun play time together with a difficult learning process such as taking in the rules and game play of chess. We all know that children learn well through play and this has certainly been put into practice in Learn Chess. For every difficult lesson learned the player can look forward to a lighter interlude before beginning the learning process proper once again.

Children will need to be of the age where they can exercise patience plus apply themselves to learning before they can attempt to use Learn Chess. The game will not let the player challenge the pirate to win back the chess pieces until it thinks they are proficient enough while this may take some time as the art of playing chess is no push over. Learn Chess is a brilliant way to introduce interested children to the game making learning how to play lots of fun.

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