Left Brain Right Brain: Which Side Do You Use?

Left Brain Right Brain is one of many brain improvement games out there on the market that try to emulate Nintendo’s superb Brain Age game. Fans of these brain teasers never seem to tire of trying to improve their cognitive skills so it is no wonder that there are so many titles in this genre. Majesco’s twist this time around is to train the hand that you don’t usually use by playing a series of mini games. That is to say if you are right handed then use the left and vice versa.

The makers think that right handed people are more creative while left handed people are more logical and that this is controlled by the opposite side of the brain controlling each hand. So left side of brain controls right and so on. Whether science backs all this up or not who knows, but the game is none the less quite entertaining.

Left Brain Right Brain comprises of fifteen mini games that test your steadiness, your precision plus your reaction times. There are five levels of difficulty ranging from easy to extremely difficult. You begin by logging your details with the hand that you use the most then you turn the DS around repeating the same.

The mini games are really good being varied in their structure plus they aren’t too difficult, that is until you try them with your non dominant hand. I found it really difficult at first doing the simplest of test with what I consider my wrong hand. As you are playing against the clock the pressure builds while being ambidextrous would have certainly come in very handy. Once you get going though its not too bad at all even on the higher difficulty levels.

I would suggest playing with your non hand first as the games are the same both ways. If you speed through with your dominant hand you then already have the answers at your fingertips giving you an edge for when you turn the DS around. The game could have been made more difficult in my opinion to make it more challenging therefore making you feel good when you achieved a great score.

Unfortunately even the worse of players will find Left Brain Right Brain fairly easy once you get into it. Its a pity because the concept is interesting. Another minus is that the game doesn’t save your progress so unless you make a note of it yourself you won’t know how much you have improved. It seems strange that this feature should be omitted as it is a basic game necessity really. Maybe I am just clever and can use both sides of my brain easily which is not the norm, ah well its a thought!

Summing up Left Brain Right Brain is a great idea that has not quite come off. Visually it is good but quite honestly I found myself not caring whether I could do the tasks with my none dominant hand as well as my using hand. Maybe they will improve the game if there is a next release to prove to us that it has a useful function. You may not agree with me so pick up the game and give it a try to see what you think.

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