Super Stacker 2

Super Stacker 2

Super Stacker 2 is a superb sequel to the original Super Stacker that has forty great new levels, four speed runs, a fantastic stack editor plus a whole host of new features making it worthy of a play. Once again your skills in structure creation will be tested to the limit as you stack against the clock hoping that your shapes will not fall before they have stood for at least ten seconds. If the shapes fall it is down into the pit, so players really want to avoid this outcome. Its a great game suited to all the family, so come on lets get stacking!

Super Stacker 2 is a game of physics that tests your skills at placing shapes to balance so that they don’t fall off the screen. It starts off fairly easy, moving along to become increasingly difficult, giving players quite a challenge. Using an array of shapes that include squares, rectangles, circles plus triangles you will be tasked to build a structure following a theme. Building these huge structures that have a great big smiling face on them is a lot of fun but don’t be fooled by the smile, it isn’t that easy to complete. Indeed some of the levels are mega hard!

Working out which shape will balance on which without toppling over is your aim, while structures centred too far to one side or the other will certainly collapse. In content the game is fairly simple but sometimes the simplest of ideas are the best and this is the case with Super Stacker 2. The levels come in groups of ten getting steadily harder as you play, while in a strange kind of way you feel responsible for the shapes demise if you fail in your task.

Your reward for achieving all this is unique, in that there are no great prizes to be won you just get more musical variations or sound effects to enjoy, sounds silly but its actually really good. Just play the game to see what I mean. You can customise your game with the excellent Stack Editor that brings the player more variation, while the excellent speed run feature enables players to replay levels improving their score plus expertise in the process.

Sound wise the game is great. The music is more on the lines of jazz compared with the laid back tunes in the first edition. As you place the shapes they grunt and snort in a way that gives the impression they are scared stiff that they will fall, its very funny. The introduction of the create your own level mode is very entertaining as you can share your creations with other players. You can in return try out their contributions to see if you can complete them. Its a great idea plus it brings out your competitive streak.

As a stacking game Super Stacker 2 is second to none and I can only hope for the sequel – Super Stacker 3 to be released soon. The graphics are colourful plus amusing while the soundtrack is very pleasing suiting the frantic element you will encounter in this game. Test your skills while having a great time, this is what Super Stacker 2 is about and I just love it!

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