Where’s My Water? Said the Alligator!

wheres my water?

“Where’s My Water?” is a game that’s based on physics puzzles.  It is about a character called “Swampy”, who is a charming and sociable alligator. Swampy resides in the gutters underneath the city. It is entirely down to you to assist Swampy pursue his favourite past time – Bathing. Swampy clearly adores showering all the time and you have to mend the supply of water because you don’t want your new buddy to remain dry.  So get ready to direct the hose pipe!

“Where’s my Water?” has all the features of an excellent game.  The visuals are high quality, the comical design fits impeccably, the backdrop tune is rather smart, the control panels are incredibly straightforward, plus the scope is just stunning:  “Where’s my Water?” arrives with an incredible number of levels – 200, breakables, contests, extra advantage levels and plenty of extras. Honestly, “Where’s my Water? Is that huge that I cannot picture how anybody in this entire universe has managed to play the full game all the way through.  I’m a bit embarrassed at the moment because I have offered 5 scope points to plenty of games, such as DB42 without recognising what is more progressive. We ought to offer Where My Water six points in this area is.

As for the game’s weaknesses, I just have one major complaint about the sounds.  Although the soundscope is huge, the music records are not that appealing.  I still the  sound of the Bubble Shuttle in my ears to this day even though I can’t whistle the tune that is in the background in final stage of  “Where’s my Water?”.  The thing is it’s only been around five minutes since I played the game.  In addition, I arrived at the first abstract position from the amusement element, plus one point from the surrounding as the knowledge you need for “Where’s My Water?” is equally as difficult as “Cut the Rope.”  Moreover, Swampy’s ability to produce or covert to a canal isn’t as comfortable and appealing as Om Nom’s Boxes.

Despite the above issue, “Where’s My Water?” can be classed as the “Game of The Year” for those who love phone and pocket games.  It has been given a mean rating score of 4.8 by users on Google Play, which is the top score so far.  Actually, if you take into consideration that almost 100.000 people ranked Where’s My Water?, it doesn’t appear to be a miracle that it can’t be steered away from Google Play’s best rewarded applications for many months/on end. Having reviewed Where’s My Water? I’m able to combine every other former review with a clean conscience.  I would advise that you too ignore any negative comments made by those who dislike this delightful water based game.  Their main issue is the cost; they feel that the game producers are very materialistic – but this is not really true.  You will not be able to discover a game that entertains you for such a long time on Google Play for just $1.